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See who else in the office got an email or appoitment

Have you ever received an email with many recipients

and it took you more than just a few seconds to find out who

else in the office got it?

If the answer is YES, then you need to try ToWho Add-in.

With ToWho, you can manage a group of recipients.

When you get an email with many recipients,

ToWho lets you clearly see who else from the group got it,

and forward it to anyone in your group in just one click.

Folder Finder

Forget the hassle of searching for Outlook folders

Do you have many folders in Outlook?

Is it hard to find the one you’re looking for?

This Outlook Add-in lets you find folders easily and intuitively.

Just type a few letters from the folder name and click

the folder to archive an email or view the emails in the folder.

You can also manage favourite folders list for quick access.